diy wedding centerpieceMaking your own wedding centerpieces will not only give you the opportunity to get creative, your budget will also thank you for it!

DIY wedding centerpieces let you show off your personal style and your guests will appreciate the work that you’ve put into them. We’ve rounded up 25 of our faves!

A metal watering can with freshly picked wildflowers is an easy centerpiece that you can arrange yourself. Stunning for an outdoor wedding, don’t you think?


A dramatic allium flower in a milk glass vase makes for a simple, but striking centerpiece.

allium centerpiece

Herbs in a teacup! Too cute for words, plus you can find out how to do it yourself here.


Create a mini terrarium by using wine glasses, you can add a few to each table or combine with other smaller DIY wedding centerpieces.


Upcycle metal tin cans. You can paint them in the color of  your choice, and use them as vases.


Your very own natural habitat awaits you, with the aid of a glass cloche. Create a green display by collecting leafs, branches and rocks on your next walk.


For a simple and rustic DIY wedding centerpiece, cut out some fabric flowers and affix different buttons to them. Add a wooden stem and place in tall colored bottles for an easy project.


Vegetables shouldn’t only be found in your menu. Asparagus, green beans and artichokes look amazing when tied around large white candles.


Look out for vintage tea tins on your next thrift shop trip. Their colorful designs mean that you only need a few flowers to create a vibrant look.


For a beach wedding, use the surroundings to your advantage and make a centerpiece from coral and oyster shells. If you’re a big oyster fan then just collect your own shells or try asking local fishmongers if they have any that would usually be thrown away.


Soda bottles are perfect flower vases for a kitsch wedding. Throw in a few single stems and animated signs and you’re all set.

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To add a personal touch to a large floral arrangement, make some paper pinwheels, which also double up as table numbers.


We love wine bottles in wedding decor. Cover old bottles with chalkboard paint and write table numbers on them.


For an autumnal wedding, bowls of dark fruit with red and plum flowers give an opulent feel.


Fresh kale will look right at home next to white flowers. You can achieve this natural look by wrapping plastic containers in bark. This is great if you don’t want to skimp on flowers but want the tables to still look abundant.


Who would have thought that a pineapple could look so good? Turn pineapples into summer vases and add some flowers.


A centerpiece can have more than one component. Assemble a variety of objects that you’ve collected on your travels on a chic vintage tray. Each table can have a different arrangement and this is especially budget-friendly if you have a small collection of treasures at home.


Use wood rounds as the starting point and build up from it. You can assemble anything on top including flowers in jars.


Glass and milk bottles are very inexpensive and easy to find. Give them the DIY treatment by spray painting them in gold and using them as vases.


Create your own mini planter box with cut wood, ideal for those of you with green fingers.


Milk glass is a big trend, but luckily the look is very easy to replicate at home. All you need is a variety of glass vases and white spray paint.


You can turn anything into a vase with a lick of paint and a sprinkling of glitter. Search for any tin cans or holders that you might have, then get crafty.


Peonies are gorgeous blooms, look out for them in grocery stores and supermarkets and trim them down for a cheap and effective centerpiece.


Wine bottles need very little work and they have this European charm that we love. Simply create some table number signs and place them in the cork. Pair it with a carefully curated DIY bouquet and candles to give your tables a restaurant theme.


You can wrap wine bottles, cans, jars and vases in twine for a subtle look that can transform ordinary objects into something special.


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