toxic wedding

Admittedly, wedding planning is not always sunshine and roses. There are moments when it can get the best of you if you let it. To avoid feeling frustrated, we have listed ten toxic things to avoid doing during wedding planning.

1. Micromanaging

When you hire vendors, pick your bridal party or ask a friend for wedding help, you should ask them because you trust them. Micromanaging, by not relying on their vision and trying to control everything is toxic to yourself and to other people. Let the professionals–and the people you ask for help–do their job.

2. Trying to do everything yourself

On the extreme side of the first example is trying to do everything yourself because you want complete control. Let people help you, otherwise you will overwhelm yourself. You could even consider hiring a wedding planner to help you organize everything. There is no harm in asking for help.

3. Letting Stress Get the Better of You

Emotions run high during the wedding planning process. We all know the bride can get stressed out, however there is no use in picking fights with friends, family or vendors over wedding details. You will not help to resolve a situation if you get angry or upset.

4. Not giving yourself enough time

Giving yourself enough time to finish wedding tasks is important. The same goes for planning your wedding day. Give yourself plenty of time for getting ready, having photographs taken and having meals in between everything. Rushing through things is not a good feeling.

5. Not sticking to the budget

It’s a given rule that you should probably stick to your budget. Adding extra items or a few more guests can make your budget skyrocket. Then there are all of the extra costs that creep into your expenses. For example, a $1000 wedding dress may be much more after taxes, alterations, cleaning and accessories. Consider these things in your first draft of the budget, so you don’t freak out later.

6. Impractical ideas

Tying to create a wedding that is far out of your reach or budget will not make you happy. We know how tempting it is to look on Pinterest for amazing wedding ideas. Sometimes those ideas may not be realistic. For example, maybe you saw a “dream” wedding venue, but it won’t fit your number of guests or it is too difficult for guests to get to.

7. Ignoring other people’s input

We know it can sometimes be tempting to brush off other people’s ideas. Even if it is “your” wedding, other people just want to help. If you take the time to listen, they may surprise you with an interesting idea or way to help out.

8. Not taking a break

Take breaks from wedding planning every once in awhile. It is alright to have a weekend that is not full of wedding tasks. Sometimes you need to step away from everything to get some perspective.

9. Not keeping things in perspective

Speaking of perspective, your wedding day is important, but in five years will it really matter that a few people sent RSVPS in late or someone got the wrong meal at the reception? Marriage is the most important outcome and not the party itself.

10. Forgetting to enjoy things

Don’t forget to have fun! You will have amazing memories of your wedding day if you remember to enjoy every last moment and not let the those negative feelings get in the way.

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