When it comes to wedding fashion we tend to put all the focus on the bride and her bridesmaids. But why should the ladies have all the fun? After all, a bride’s best accessory is a well-styled groom (and vice versa). There’s really nothing better than a groom in a custom tailored suit, but it’s the accessories, in our opinion, that make the man — here are eight of them to help your husband-to-be look smoking hot on your wedding day:

1.  A Killer Pair of Warby Parker Shades

A summer wedding must as your groom won’t only be blinded by your beauty as you walk down the aisle, but also the blazing mid-day sun.

Stylish Groom Accessories | Warby Parker Sunglasses

2.  Blue Suede Shoes

Every man should wear a pair of blue suede shoes once in their life, and what better day to channel the King than on your wedding day?

Stylish Groom Accessories | Blue Suede Shoes

3.  A Polka Dot Chambray Tie

Because we all know that real men wear polka dots.

Stylish Groom Accessories | Chambray Polka Dot Tie

4.  A Feather Boutonniere

Every groom should sport a boutonnière, and unlike flower boutonnières, this feather one won’t die.

Stylish Groom Accessories | Feather Boutonniere

5.  A Sleek Wristwatch

Because he needs to get to the church on time and look good doing it! This watch will help him do both.

Stylish Groom Accessories | Rose Gold Wristwatch

6.  Skinny Leather Suspenders

Forget skinny ties and skinny jeans, skinny suspenders are where it’s at these days.

Stylish Groom Accessories | Skinny Leather Suspenders

7.  A Modern Circle Tie Pin

Modern and understated, just like your man, right?

Stylish Groom Accessories | Circle Tie Pin

8.  A Playful Pocket Square

Just in case, you know, he gets a bit of dust in his eye or something…

Stylish Groom Accessories | Pocket Square

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