name cards with sea glass

Being the sea glass fanatic that I am, I’m always dreaming up ways to use my beach gems in DIY projects. I came up with the idea for these name cards when I was messing around with my watercolor paints. (Sadly, a rare occasion these days!)

These  sea glass name cards would be perfect for a beach themed wedding, don’t you think?

sea glass name cards

DIY Sea Glass and Watercolor Name Cards

You will need:

Cut out your piece of watercolor paper. Size it to your liking. Remember, you will be folding it in half.


Fold in half. Use a bone folder for a clean fold.


Place stencil over the watercolor paper, leaving enough room on the left side to adhere a piece of sea glass. Trace name using pencil.


sea glass name cards

Trim the paper if there is excess room to the right of the name. Use a corner punch to round the edges.


 Using watercolor paint and a fine brush, paint letters in desired color.



Adhere sea glass using a drop or two of Diamond Glaze.


That’s it! Pretty simple, huh?

name cards