There is a casual elegance to wedding dresses with pockets. They’re an unexpected detail with a lot of impact. Not only do they add to the design of the dress, but just think about all of those hand-in-pocket poses for your photographs! There’s a distinct off-duty model vibe here. Pockets also provide a contrast to formal styles of dresses and are ideal for brides who want to strike the balance between a laid-back yet chic look. Above all, pockets are a great way to sneak your lipstick or vows into your pocket too.




Spaghetti straps went through a very awkward phase at one point; perhaps seen on one too many slinky red carpet numbers. On wedding dresses they have definitely redeemed themselves. Thin straps and a fitted top that flares out into a wider skirt is the perfect dress silhouette for pockets.



For extra visual contrast, a more traditional style of dress with pockets is an elegant yet quirky alternative. Strapless dresses with a defined waist look great as the pockets help to add volume to the skirt. Wedding dresses with sleeves can also be transformed by the addition of discreet pockets.


Pockets can work well with multiple styles of dresses as well as different themes and venues. This trend is just waiting for a City Hall or Courthouse wedding. You will need to bring some form of identification and if you don’t fancy carrying a bag, then slipping them into the pocket of your dress is a win-win. Also, if you’re opting out of having a bouquet then this is a neat way to hide any fidgeting hands.


For the final touches, a loose hairstyle such as a messy updo or braid will work well. Likewise, a high top ballerina bun will keep the focus on your dress and add to the contemporary style.


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