With the abundance of love songs out there, hit the right note with a wedding inspired by music. From sheet music to song lyrics, there are so many ways to incorporate some musical touches into your day. Perfect for couples with a background or career in music, or simply for those looking for some interesting decor ideas. We’ve got 10 music ideas to inspire you.

1. Sheet Music

For a unique way to introduce musical elements into your wedding, use sheet music to wrap your favors. This couple used sheet music to wrap book favors.


2. Note Cake Topper 

Turn cupcakes into a wedding-worthy dessert by adding a metallic note cake topper. A great addition to a dessert table.


3. Guitar Boutonniere 

Whether your guy is in the band or not, a guitar boutonniere makes for a stand-out alternative to traditional flowers.


4. Lyric Chair Backs 

Framed love quotes or song lyrics are stunning decor ideas. They can be placed around your venue or as the highlight of your table settings. Another idea is to create some chalkboard signs with your favorite lyrics and add to the back of your chairs.


 5. Instrument Decor 

Another way to embrace this theme is by decorating your ceremony space with instruments. If you own some antiques these will look amazing too, and create a real talking point. They also make for some pretty lovely photo props too.


6. Vinyl Centerpiece

A DIY project to keep in mind for an amazing centerpiece is a combination of fresh blooms and vinyl records. If you’re having a retro affair then these will be ideal.


7. Live Band

For an outdoor ceremony, what could be more romantic than a live band playing as you walk down the aisle?


8. Musical Cufflinks

Cufflinks don’t have to be in silver or gold. Accessories like these can work to add some individuality to the groom’s attire.


9. Guestbook of Lyrics 

Why have your guests sign a book, when they can leave lyrics? This is such a beautiful idea that is not only a twist on a traditional idea but will also create a special memento of the day.


10. Musical Runner

We’ve seen floral and fabric runners, so naturally paper is the next step. Especially, if it comes in the form of sheet music. Up the romance by using music from your first dance (if you have one). Matching calligraphy place cards will finish the look.