Table runners are a great addition to a wedding tablescape. Runners are a great finishing touch, that can work with a multitude of table designs. Bare wooden tables look lovely with them as do white tablecloths that need an injection of color; for a layered look. We’ve selected 10 table runners for you to be inspired by.

1. Bold and Bright

This table runner takes inspiration from the style of a Mexican blanket. The bold design will fit in perfectly with a bohemian wedding and accessorized with cacti and vibrant floral arrangements.

2. Thinking of Turquoise 

Patterned dinnerware doesn’t require much to make the table stand out. A turquoise runner with potted floral centerpieces will enhance the plates.

3. Black and White

You can’t go wrong with a monochrome palette. Black and white are a classic pairing and including stripes modernizes the look. The thin stripes on this runner are subtle enough to give the table another element that isn’t overwhelming.

4. String Art 

How cool is this! For the creative couple, look no further than a bit of string art on your table runner. A potential DIY project that is well worth it.

5. Oversized Flowers

Floral table runners are so gorgeous. The extravagance of the flowers means that you can get away with keeping the rest of your decor very simple. Tall candles and dark wooden tables are ideal companions.

6. Numbered Runners 

Table runners don’t just have to be about style. Give them some more substance by doubling them up as table numbers. Have your numbers printed on burlap for a rustic touch.

7. Sheer Romance

Draping a soft fabric over your tablecloth in a delicate pink will have your guests swooning.

8. Falling Blooms

We love the look of these flowers cascading from the end of the table. They are all the flowers that you’ll need in the space and will add to the overall decor of the venue.

9. A Little Lace

For quaint vintage nuptials, a lace runner with small jars of flowers is such a pretty way to decorate your tables. Mismatched plates and floral napkins will add to the tea party look.

10. In Love with Lemon

Lemons will give you a fresh and fragrant table runner. When combined with pink and white floral arrangements it has a Mediterranean style with a difference. This certainly proves that runners don’t always have to come in the form of a fabric!

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