Eat your veggies – and decorate with them too! Veggie decor is a hot trend. It’s  a great alternative to flowers, especially for brides trying to save a few bucks.

Luckily vegetable decor can be just as colorful as flowers so you won’t have to sacrifice on color and vibrancy! These vegetable boxes have a great rustic, farm-fresh feel to them.

What I like most about this veggie buffet table is the details. The artichoke pillars, cabbage bouquets and brussels sprouts runner are such great unexpected details. I would love to see a thick brussels sprout runner down the middle of a farm table. Gorgeous!

I don’t know about you, but when I think about a “veggie bouquet” I envision a bunch of carrots (literally), not the most sophisticated image. Thankfully, brides today are much more imaginative than that and are great as making fusion creations. Some bouquets simply incorporate vegetables like this hydrangea and artichoke bouquet as well as the kale and artichoke bouquet.

A bride can also totally surprise you and create something you never would have imagined before; like a bouquet that features heirloom carrots, purple kale and asparagus among its greenery and flowers.

Veggies can also be doubly efficient by being used as both the centerpiece and your candles. Here these veggies have been carved or wrapped around to house candles.

You could even continue the veggie theme through to your paper products, using radicchio to make a gorgeously designed stamp for your menu, invites, or thank you cards!

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