Cascading waves are a way for you to channel your inner screen siren. This vintage-inspired hairstyle is an alluring option for brides who are looking for up-do alternatives. Vintage waves are characterized by a deep side-parting and brushed out, soft curls. Volume at the roots transform the style and give it some retro oomph. For shorter hair, marcel and finger waves that lie flat on the head with a smoother finish will work well.

This hairstyle rates high on the old-Hollywood glamour charts. Sweeping your hair over to one side further enhances the look. As does a coat of red lipstick and an embellished hair-slide. A light hairspray will keep your hair intact during the day. This loose hairstyle alleviates any up-do and bobby pin related dramas, which means a night of carefree dancing awaits you.

vintage waves hair

vintage wedding hair

We have Veronica Lake to thank for this epic hair inspiration. She was a 1940’s screen starlet whose trademark peek-a-boo locks were widely emulated. Giving us more than enough reason for this hairstyle to be a must-have for mid-century, vintage themed nuptials. Figure-hugging dresses that enhance your curves are a striking match for these waves.



Contemporary themes and dresses aren’t excluded from this style. To give your elopement dress a lift, side swept waves and bold earrings will add extra charisma. Likewise, a thoroughly modern and creative loft affair provides the perfect contrast for subtle vintage beauty. Don’t be afraid to play around with this look, try out different curl structures and textures to suit your style. Larger curls that are slightly unkempt give a current twist, whilst a smoother finish is more reminiscent of film noir starlets.




 vintage waves wedding

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