In the world of fruit, figs are having a moment. Not only are they a delicious option to include in your wedding menu, but they look great when incorporated into different decor elements. With Marsala hailed as the color of the year, figs will work very well with that palette. If you’re struggling with the idea of using figs for anything other than eating, then we’ve picked out 10 ways that you can use them.

1. Mixed Display

To add something extra to pink floral arrangements, mix in blackberries and figs for a dash of deep color. You can use this display as a table runner for long tables or with gold vases or bowls for a centerpiece.


2. Mini Cheese Table

Take the cheese board to another level, with these beyond adorable tables. If you’re looking for a post-dinner treat or to give your guests something to nibble on during your photography session, this is a lovely idea. Pile up some cheese, focaccia bread, figs, olives and berries for a mini feast.


3. Sangria with Apples, Pomegranate and Figs

How delicious would this be for a signature drink? Give a traditional sangria recipe a little twist by adding apples, pomegranate and figs. The stunning rich color of the drink will look perfect in a similar color palette.


4. Fruit and Florals 

Using fruit in your wedding decor is a great way to add some depth and to bulk up your flowers in an inexpensive way. The dark tone of the figs works well with cream blooms and dark green leaves.


5. The Cheese Cake 

If you don’t have a sweet tooth or simply want a wedding cake alternative, cheese cakes are a delicious option. Figs and berries are the ideal decoration, surrounded by greenery.


6. Place Card

A single fig used as a place card has a simple yet effective look for a dramatic table.


7. Fig Crate Centerpiece 

A wooden crate or box is another way to display your floral centerpieces. Sometimes a vase just won’t do. Complete the setting with a combination of plums and figs.


8. Naked Cake 

Naked wedding cakes need very little decoration. Some carefully arranged figs are all you need.


9. Hanging Fruit 

Forget lights and hanging lanterns, if you have a bright and open space then hang fruit instead! We love this interesting way to display figs and it will really had a twist to your decor.

10. Fig, Rosemary, & Goat Cheese Tartines

For a family-style dinner or as passed hors d’oeuvres these fig and cheese tartines are the perfect flavor combination.