Planning a small wedding is a daring adventure for some of you. Especially for those of you want to buck convention, or veer away from the large, traditional wedding that your families want you to have.

Maybe you want to run off to Paris – but you’re afraid to offend.

Maybe  you want a teeny, tiny family gathering in your living room – but you’re afraid your parents won’t think it’s ‘grand’ enough.

Maybe you want to celebrate your wedding with 20 of your closest friends on a mountaintop in British Columbia – but you’re afraid your friends won’t attend a destination wedding.

If this sounds like you, take these words and hold them close; there’s wisdom in them.

You won’t find glory at the center of safety, but at its edge. You won’t find love at a place where you are covered, but in the space where you are naked. You gotta take some risks. You have to not only pick up the dice, but roll ‘em. So go ahead, take the gamble. You have nothing to lose except the chance to win.

From Neale Donald Walsch’s daily inspirations