When it comes to wedding decor, nautical is always on trend! If you’re trying to recreate the look without using blue and white stripes, then enter the new nautical. Driftwood, watercolor and waves give that classic seaside look in a clean and contemporary way. You can tie in these details for a beach or destination wedding, or incorporate them into other venues for a fresh nautical look. 

This stunning invitation has deep blue watercolor details, with calligraphy used as a perfect finishing touch.


A simple centerpiece that incorporates driftwood, greenery and candles is an amazing way to add some interest to white tables.


Throw out any preconceived notions that you may have about the tradition of wearing ‘something blue’. Take it to the next level with this beautiful royal blue wedding dress, that’s reminiscent of rippling waves.


Hanging decor gives a unique twist on the classic chandelier. Glass spheres holding candles are a great idea, especially when hanging from gorgeous pieces of driftwood.


Dip-dyed napkins are an alternative to a striped pattern and still have a nautical feel.


For a whimsical centerpiece, mix and match shells, net, driftwood and rocks.


Continue the nautical vibe with your wedding cake, with blue buttercream in a wave effect.

Beach weddings will do all the work for you when it comes to this theme. To create a focal point for the ceremony go for a driftwood arch.


Painted invitations are a subtle way to go for some sea inspiration.


Signs are always a great idea, especially if your venue is separated into different locations. Keep your guests in the know throughout the day with a driftwood sign.