Macramé may have had its heyday back in the 70’s, but boho brides everywhere are bringing back this knotty trend in a big way. We can’t really say that we blame them, and we’ve rounded up 10 gorgeous examples that we think will have you hopping on the macramé bandwagon right along with us!

This stunning backdrop is both rustic and elegant, and modern with a bit of vintage flare to it.


We often see macramé pieces using natural, undyed threads and fibres, but we love the idea of customizing your macramé wall hanging to match your wedding colors, whether by dip dying the entire piece or using different colored cords.



Chunky knots and flowers work perfectly here to add a rustic, natural element to an industrial urban space.


If a finer, more lace-like look is what you’re after, however, this delicate curtain makes a beautiful addition to an outdoor altar on the beach.


Macramé was hugely popular and widely used for plant hangers in the 70’s and are a great way to showcase another popular wedding trend these days, hanging centerpieces.



We’re not sure how practical this hanging macramé cake holder is, but it sure looks good!


Macramé doesn’t need to hang to be beautiful! This knotted table runner has us absolutely swooning!


Last, but not least, if you’re looking to add just a touch of macramé to your decor scheme, a few knotted candle holders across your tablescape are a beautifully subtle way to do just that.