Winter wedding favors are a great way to continue the festive spirit and thank your guests with seasonally-appropriate and useful gifts. Edibles are always welcome around this time of the year with sweet drinks and warming brews. Keeping your guests warm throughout the day is another thoughtful way to show your appreciation, as well as decorative touches that they can take home for the holidays. We’ve picked out 10 favors for your winter wedding, many of which you can make yourself.

1. Homemade Eggnog

You know it’s time for the holidays when the grocery store shelves are lined with cartons of eggnog. Coffee shops start adding eggnog to their lattes, and finding an eggnog ice cream becomes your new mission in life. But can anything really beat the taste of homemade eggnog? Make a large batch for your guests (and yourself) then turn them into bottled favors.

2. Mittens 

If some of your winter wedding will be outdoors, keep your guests warm by gifting them with a pair of mittens. They’ll be very grateful and will also be useful for the rest of the season. Warm hearts, warm hands…

3. Pinecone Fire Starters

This is such a great way to use dry pine cones and turn them into something wonderful. Candles are always a lovely gift in the colder months and this one is especially festive.

4. Peppermint Lip Balm

Everyone wants a favor that they will actually use. A key ring photo of the happy couple, not so much. We can all use some soothing lip balm in winter, especially a seasonal minty one. These lip balms are quick and easy to make and your guests will love the homemade touch.

5. Festive Ornaments 

Individual boxes of ornaments make for a great festive favor. Start early and look for them in thrift stores, winter markets or make your own.

6. Homemade Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract is a kitchen staple and a key ingredient for many holiday recipes. Give your guests a helping hand with these lovingly made favors. Bare in mind that the extract takes 4-6 weeks to infuse, so start ahead of time. You can also try different flavors such as peppermint too.

7. DIY Candy Cane Fudge 

Instead of handing out candy canes, be extra naughty by making candy cane fudge instead. This addictive recipe is a winter winner. Box a few of them up and give them out as favors or include them in a candy bar.

8. Candied Walnuts 

Delicious candied nuts in sparkly packaging is a winter wedding must-have. Another easy to make recipe, if you don’t eat them all while your making them.

9. Tree Saplings

Make a display with these tree saplings for your green fingered guests to grab. They can grown their own evergreen or pine and they make for a great winter decoration too.

10. S’mores Kit

A winter wedding really isn’t complete without s’mores. You can package these kits for your guests to enjoy when they get home or if you’re having a bonfire at your reception they can be used there.

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