Yarn details in your wedding aren’t only an ode to the crafters and knitters, they’re also an inexpensive and gorgeous way to add a homemade and DIY feel to your decor. We’ve picked 15 of our favorite ideas to incorporate yarn, many of which you can have a go at yourself. So hit the craft store, experiment with different textures and colors and get crafting!

1. Decorative Balls

Balls of yarn can fit in seamlessly with the rest of your table settings if you stick to the same color palette. Yellow and orange details work well with a variety of elements and textures.


2. Wrapped Flatware

A DIY project that anyone can do to transform the look of flatware. Choose the color yarn of your choice and get wrapping! Metallic threads would look amazing here too.


3. Bottles and Jars

If you’ve been keeping hold of old bottles and jars but they’re looking a little worn, then this is for you. Cover up any labels or marks with different colored yarn. You could use a certain color for each table if you are having a rainbow theme.

http-::www.weddingchicks.com:2012:06:04:rainbow-wedding-ideas:4. Heart Pops

For an outdoor ceremony, you might be thinking of ways to make your aisle path a bit clearer. Instead of going of a runner, you can use small red hearts that are stuck onto sticks and placed in the ground.


5. Alternative Confetti 

Rice, petals or other traditional confetti aren’t for everyone. For a mess-free and reusable option then these soft pom-poms are a great alternative. The photographs will be great and they can be collected up to be used again for any future crafts.


6. Yarn Table Numbers

Make your own yarn art with these fun table numbers in bright colors.


7. Teal Table Runner

This is such a unique idea that adds a different dimension and height to your table. You can also do this yourself and create your own original runner. A great talking point.


8. Knotted Backdrop

We love the look of this yarn backdrop for an outdoor ceremony. The small knots and ties are reminiscent of flowers, so it fits in well with the scenery.


9. Chair Decor 

Wooden chairs can sometimes use a makeover. Chair decor is an easy way to do this, especially with these monograms signs.


10. String Chandeliers

These lanterns are very enjoyable to make. Mainly because it involves using balloons, glue, yarn or twine. A nice weekend task so you can get messy and relax from the wedding planning.


11. Tassels Galore 

Tassels are a big trend in wedding decor at the moment. Use different lengths and colors of yarn for a hanging decoration.


12. Bouquet with a Difference

If you or someone close to you is a seamstress, knitter or fan of sewing this is such a lovely and unusual touch.


13. Bar Sign

The contrast between the softness of the yarn with the glitter is a really neat look.


14. Mini Wrapped Numbers

If you don’t want the table numbers to interfere with the rest of your decor, then shrink them! These pink and aqua numbers are the perfect size.


15. Oversized Sign

Welcome your guests with a large sign that’s filled with love. A romantic quote underneath it will finish the sign off.


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