Coffee lovers step aside and tea aficionados rejoice; there is an abundance of ways to include tea in your wedding. Whether you have a penchant for afternoon tea or just enjoy a comforting brew before bed, teas are a great wedding detail. From teacup decor to signature drinks, we’ve found 10 ways for you to use tea in your wedding. 

1. Antique Tea Bar 

A tea bar is a nice refreshment for guests during the day. For an outdoor wedding, you can decorate the space with an antique chest that will double up as a bar. Serve a wide selection of loose leaf teas, tea bags, lemon and sugar.


2. Chamomile Honey Whiskey Cocktail 

For a signature drink with a difference, go for a tea-based cocktail. The soothing taste of chamomile and honey is elevated with the addition of whiskey. A perfect summer cocktail!


3. Bath Tea Bag 

Give your tea bar a twist by giving your guests a bar filled with loose leaf teas to make their own bath tea bag. You can provide suggested recipes for them to fill up the bags in preparation for a relaxing post-wedding bath.


4. Tea Pot Vase 

Incorporate the tea theme into your table settings with an antique silver tea pot filled with fresh flowers. A great alternative to a vase and will work well if you mix and match the tea pots.


5. Iced Tea Bar 

If your wedding is in the warmer months, you might be more interested in an iced tea bar. Large jugs of flavored iced teas are perfect for an outdoor wedding.


6. Succulent Teacups

These succulents placed in teacups can be used as either centerpieces or favors. They are also a fun DIY project.


7. Tea Bag Cookies 

For an afternoon tea theme, go an extra step further with these tea bag cookies. They are adorable, fit in with the decor and also taste good.


8. Tea Tin Favors 

Instead of going for a bar, you can prepare your tea favors in advance with these tea tins.


9. Bridal Shower Tea Party 

A garden tea party is a wonderful idea for a bridal shower. A selection of decadent treats and fragrant teas is the ideal way to relax with your ladies before your wedding.


10. Teacup Escort Card Favors 

Escort card favors are one of the ways you can cut costs and reduce some of the items on your planning list. These teacups will look great on the tables and your guests will be able to use them long after your wedding.