simple weddings

More and more couples are embracing simplicity when it comes to their wedding day. Less stress, less money, less headaches – it’s no wonder simple weddings are a growing trend.

Simplicity allows couples to focus on the bond they have with each other – rather than the extraneous details of a wedding. In fact, this is often the sole motivation for couples to have a simple wedding.

Having a simple wedding doesn’t mean it won’t be any less beautiful or memorable – in fact, the opposite is true. Want proof? Here are 16 gorgeous simple weddings that showcase stunning style, great locations and an overall laid-back feel. Click on the links before the photos to see the full weddings.

Sam and Dougal’s seaside Scottish wedding. Photography by Tandem Photo.


Baryl and Vernon’s relaxed and elegant wedding. Photography by Claire Nicola.


Mahalia and Campy’s camping weekend wedding in Oregon. Photography by Leah Verwey.


Andrew and Katie’s Big Sur redwood wedding. Photography by evynn levalley.


Rose and Denis’ Rosscarbery seaside wedding. Photography by Rory O’Toole.


Ashley and Kevin’s downtown Chicago restaurant wedding. Photography by Artistrie Co.


Bethan and Craig’s outdoor garden wedding. Photography by Grace Photography


Corrine and Whitney’s beach wedding. Photography by Mi Amore Foto.


Alex and Jaclyn’s Ohio stone cottage wedding. Photography by Lane Baldwin photography.


Zoe and Owen’s chic London city wedding. Photography by Clare.


Jennifer and Casey’s California farm wedding. Photography by Plum Jam photography.


Kari and Duncan’s New York state backyard wedding. Photography by De Nueva photography.



Genna and Ian’s cozy Philadelphia restaurant wedding. Photography by Peach Pear Plum photo.


Cathryn and Brian’s At-Home San Antonio wedding. Photography by Kat Bevel photography.


Karelena and Tom’s Soho rooftop elopement. Photography by Cassidy Parker Smith.


Marcus and Amber’s styled urban elopement. Photography by Liz Anne