A botanical wedding provides a luxurious and polished way to incorporate wedding greenery, rustic touches and antique pieces. Imagine a greenhouse filled with lush plants, apothecary bottles, lab equipment and a heady mix of jewel tones. This theme will work really well in a raw space or even better in a botanical garden or marquee, but you can add these stunning details to any venue . 

Create unique centerpieces by using antique jars filled with plants, as well as botany books, spools and flowers. The greenery and flowers will add a lovely scent, but you can also make your own herb bouquets of sage and lavender to place around the venue. Have your invitation suite printed on natural or distressed paper for a rustic look.

Stock up on bell jars as these are a must-have for a botanical wedding. You can use them to make terrariums for your table settings. A simple green bouquet will fit in well with the theme, focusing on single blooms, fern and leaves. Mismatched antique furniture and a lace tablecloth gives a vintage approach to this trend that is finished by a gorgeous floral arrangement.

For an eye-catching cake table, decorate the area with botanical prints from the 19th century. For seating assignments with a difference, catalog the escort cards in a file. It will evoke the feeling of a botany lab and searching for the names of plants. Wooden ladders look so good in weddings, especially when they are decorated with flowers, plants and illustrations.

Serve your drinks in ultimate style with a floral ice-bucket. A great DIY project that is sure to make a big impression on your guests. An eclectic mix of glass and bell jars, test tubes, and bottles filled with flowers and plants will look amazing for your centerpieces. Don’t stop at the tables, if you can add plants and greenery to the walls then go for it!




Balloons are no longer reserved for children’s birthday parties. To make them more appropriate for a wedding, you can wrap the string with leaves and roses.