Give your wedding some oomph with the addition of dipped details. This is a great way to go for a two-toned or metallic effect and also adds some color. There’s no limit to what can be dipped; napkins, food, dresses and flatware can all get the treatment. You can transform many thrift store finds with the help of some glitter and paint.

Glass bottles and jars look lovely enough as they are, but glitter-dipped bottles and jars look really stunning. You can use the bottles for table numbers too. Feathers are great additions to bouquets, or scattered on the table. Dipping them in gold glitter makes them a little more festive. White tapered candles are inexpensive and easy to find but a metallic makeover is always welcome.

These pears are an easy DIY wedding dessert. They will work well on a dessert table or even used as an edible decoration. All you need to do is dip them in some delicious caramel and roll in sugar or nuts. Likewise, color dipped marshmallows make for cute favors or additions to a candy bar.

If you’re looking for ways to repurpose antique or tarnished flatware, this is just the thing. You can either dip the ends in the paint of your choice or dip the entire thing in a matte gold paint too. Balloons are not reserved for children’s birthday parties alone; brushed paint gives them a distinctly grown-up look. Your guests will appreciate a steaming mug of hot chocolate during a winter wedding. These chocolate stirrers with edible glitter are a nice decorative touch.

We love the vibrancy of the flatware here, showing that you can really experiment with the color paint that you use. If you’re a fan of color, a dip-dyed wedding dress is a real statement. How gorgeous would this dress look for a destination wedding?

White chocolate and cherries are a winning duo, and a delicious sweet treat for your guests to nibble on. If you’re having a small crowd and have a bunch of plain white napkins, dip them in some blue dye instead of buying new ones.

Floral arrangements and centerpieces don’t have to be extravagant. You can fit them into your budget and style by making a few adjustments to inexpensive decorations. Recycle your glass bottles and jars by dipping them into gold paint in a variety of ways. Add a few fresh blooms and there you go!

This tablecloth has a subtle amount of color to add some more interest without taking the attention away from the flowers.

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